Dan teaching at Sean McDowell’s class on Youth Apologetics at Biola University.

Dan is an itinerant Christian Apologist that teaches high school, middle school and college students as well as college students who are entering the field of youth ministry. He is currently teaching high school and middle school students in the Texas Hill Country and has started a Ratio Christi College Prep Chapter to bring apologetics to the local community. He teaches apologetics to adults at his home church in Burnet, Hill Country Fellowship and has also taught at the university level on topics such as the evidence for the Resurrection, Biblical archaeology and the importance of integrating apologetics into youth curriculum to combat today’s postmodern culture.


Leonora preaching at Crossroads Country Church.

Leonora currently ministers to the inmates local county state prison located in Burnet, TX.  She ministers both in a group setting and mentors one-on-one at the local prison. She also works with the prison to bring church services to the inmates on a frequent basis, where Dan also teaches a 16-week course on apologetics and the truth of the Christian faith.

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