No money received by my ministry will be used to pay me a wage. I am blessed to be a “tent-maker” with other means of support. In my role as Director of Ratio Christi College Prep, I help other organizations (churches, Christian schools, homeschool groups and the like) start their own College Prep chapters.

Regarding my curriculum, my heart is to make my materials available to everyone. It is more important to me to see them used to build up the body of Christ, especially students, than it is to provide a revenue stream for my ministry. As such, I do not charge a fixed price for my material. Instead, I’ve opted to accept donations to fund my activities, be it creating more lessons, travel expenses to help other churches or donations to other ministries.

The link below will take you directly to my Ratio Christi donation page where you can donate any amount. Thank you most for your obedience to equip the body in the area of apologetics, and thank you for prayerfully considering support for this ministry!