Jorden Berryman

Jorden is Assistant Chapter Director of Ratio Christi College Prep in Burnet, Texas. She is a 2020 high school graduate of Burnet High School. She first started attending her College Prep chapter when she was only fifteen and became the teaching assistant for that chapter when she was sixteen. She is one of the youngest, at age seventeen, to receive the Legatus Christi award. The article highlighting that award can be found on the main page of this website.

Jorden lecturing at Reasons to Believe

As the teaching assistant for over a year, Jorden has taught on the fine tuning of the universe in the Austin and San Antonio chapters of Reason to Believe, along with many small church groups. She has also taught on multiple subject such as reliability of the bible, Noah’s flood: fact or fiction, and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jorden has created multiple presentations on subjects such as, transgenderism, correcting your Christian friends, and art as an apologetic.

Jorden teaching at Bethany United Methodist Church in Austin

When she is not planning trips for her students to some of the most amazing places they’ve seen, she is completing her next existential art piece or learning a new instrument (well, attempting too anyway).

Jorden and her artwork for a church message series on Genesis