Dan playing with the Roaring Glories in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Dan graduated from college in 1974 with a degree in physics with a math minor, during which time he explored many religions as an agnostic, seeking to get answers to the questions of life. Those answers became clear on November 8th, 1998 when he became a Christian.  Even then, Dan still had a lot of questions about his new-found faith that were usually met with responses like “well, I don’t know, I just believe.” He found these answers always came up short and a desire was birthed to be able to give a better answer for his beliefs. In 2009, he began that walk in earnest.

Dan enrolled at Charis Bible College and studied God’s Word for two years, graduating in 2011 with a Masters in Biblical Studies. It was during his time that he developed a yearning to know the “why” to “what” he had come to believe. He then enrolled and graduated summa cum laude from Biola University with a Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics in 2015. He became a commissioned Colson Fellow through the Colson Center in 2020 and is currently pursuing a doctorate in theology and apologetics at Corban University. Having found many of the answers he was seeking, Dan is now sharing that knowledge of Scripture, worldview, and apologetics with students to help them remain strong in their faith post-high school and to be able to defend what they believe.

To that end, Dan is a full-time Christian apologist, teacher, and mentor, providing instruction and mentoring to both teenagers and adults. He is the Pastor of Equipping and Apologetics at Hill Country Fellowship in Burnet and has been leading one of the first Ratio Christi College Prep chapters since 2014, teaching both middle school and high school students. Dan was recently named the National Director of Ratio Christi College Prep in May of 2021 to help others plant similar chapters and equip students nationwide.

Dan teaching during Sean McDowell’s graduate class on Youth Apologetics at Biola University

As a Christian apologist, Dan has spoken at a variety of churches, events and classes including SES’s National Conference of Christian Apologetics, Reasons to Believe, and Biola University where he has spoken in Sean McDowell’s graduate class, Youth Apologetics, on the topic of engaging as a youth apologist.

He holds the following academic and professional memberships:

  • Colson Fellow
  • Ratio Christi College Prep Chapter (Mentor/Director)
  • Ratio Christi Youth Exodus Project (Member)
  • Evangelical Philosophical Society (Member)
  • Evangelical Theological Society (Member)
  • Christian Apologetics Alliance (Member)
  • Association of Evangelical Apologists (Member)
  • Reasons to Believe (Member)
  • Biblical Archaeology Society (Member)
  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice Certified Volunteer Chaplain’s Assistant